From Left to Right - Co-Founder Sharon, Investigator Jack, and Founder Ellen of SPIRITS of New England.
8. Private Residence, North Easton, MA -  Client Investigation, November 2009

9. Private Residence, Springfield, MA - Client Investigation, February 2010

10. Private Residence, Russell, MA - Client Investigation, May 2010

11. Private Investigation for the U.S. Navy, U.S.S. Constitution, Charlestown, MA - Client Investigation, U.S. Navy, 25-27 June 2010
12. Private Residence, Watkins Glen, NY - Client Investigation, September 2010

13. Deane Winthrop House, Historical Home, Winthrop, MA - Client Investigation, Dec 2010

14. Private Residence, Berlin, CT - Client Investigation, May 2011

15. Private Residence, Worcester, MA - Client Investigation, May 2011

16. Charlestown Working Theater, Charlestown, MA - Client Investigation, Oct 2011

17. Historical Site, Dedham, MA - Client Investigation, Nov 2011

18. Warren Tavern, Charlestown, MA - Client Investigation, Dec 2011

19. Private Residence, Winthrop, MA - Client Investigation, Jan 2012

20. Old Round Corner Building, Charlestown, MA - Client Investigation, Feb 2012

21. Historic Merrimac Paper Mill, Lawrence, MA - Client Investigation, Apr 2012

22. Warren Tavern, Charlestown, MA - Client Investigation (Follow Up), Jun 2012

23. Stove Factory, Charlestown, MA - Client Investigation, Jul 2012

24. Private Residence, Greenfield, MA - Client Investigation, Sep 2012

25. Fisher College, Boston, MA - Client Investigation, Oct 2012

26. Private Residence, Haverhill, MA - Client Investigation, Sep 2013

27. Private Residence, Pawtucket, RI - Client Investigation, May 2014

28. Historic Loring-Greenough House, Jamaica Plain, MA - Client Investigation, Sep 2014

29. Private Residence, Chicopee, MA - Client Investigation, Sep 2014

30. Taft Public Library, Mendon Town Hall and Old Fire Station; Mendon, MA - Client Investigation, May, Jun and Jul 2015

31. Private Residence, Winsted, CT - Client Investigation, Jul 2015

32 . Mattapoisett Free Public Library, Mattapoisett, MA - Client Investigation, Oct 2015

We now have some of our client investigation reports available for viewing, click the following links to access them:

You will need to have Adobe Reader installed to view these files. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it here.

1. Investigation Report, Private Residence, Norfolk, CT

2. Investigation Report, Private Residence, North Easton, MA

3. Investigation Report, Private Residence, Springfield, MA

The following is a list of just some of the locations and investigations SPIRITS of New England has conducted or been involved with from 2008-2012:

1. Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH - Beyond Reality Event with TAPS, April 2008 & 2009

2. The Spalding Inn, Whitefield, NH - TAPS Boot Camp 101 Event with TAPS, May 2009

3. Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA - Beyond Reality Event with TAPS, June 2009

From Left to Right - Kat, a Friend, Lori and Jack of the SPIRITS Team in front of the real TAPS Team van.


This is the actual signature of William H. Howe inside casemate 11 at Ft Mifflin. William Howe was a prisoner at Ft Mifflin and was hanged there on August 26, 1864. It is believed by many that it is his spirit that haunts casemate 11 where he was held for a short period after leading an escape attempt of 200 prisoners from casemate 5. To learn more about the history of Ft Mifflin (The fort that saved America) Click Here 

4. Deane Winthrop House, Historical Home, Winthrop, MA - Client Investigation, August 2009

In August of 2009 the SPIRITS of New England team had the great honor of being the first ever Paranormal Investigation Team to investigate the Deane Winthrop House per the request of The Winthrop Improvement and Historical Society. Based on the evidence collected the team can not currently state without any doubt that the house has paranormal activity going on, the team did have some interesting experiences in the home and did capture one Class-A evp which can be listened to on our main page or on our evidence page. A second investigation was conducted by the SPIRITS of New England Team on 11 Dec 2010 during which additional evidence was collected.
5. Private Residence, Norfolk, CT - Client Investigation, August 2009

6. Harley House B&B, Lunenburg, MA - Investigation September 2009. Watch The Video To Review The Evidence:

The Deane Winthrop House is an historic house at 40 Shirley Street in Winthrop, Massachusetts. Deane Winthrop (1623-1704) was the son of the first Governor of Massachusetts, John Winthrop. The home is now currently maintained by The Winthrop Improvement and Historical Society.

7. Houghton Mansion, Historical Home and Masonic Temple, North Adams, MA - Private investigation, November 2009

Philadelphia International Airport sits just behind Ft Mifflin on the banks of the Delaware River. This can make investigating difficult due to the residual noise created by the very low flying commercial jets that come in and out of the airport on a regular basis almost all night long.